The University of Georgia is located in the center of the capital city of Georgia – Tbilisi, the city that lies in the Eastern part of the country, and is home to people of diverse cultural, ethnic and religious background. Studying at the University of Georgia opens doors to quality education and memorable student life.

Georgia itself is a country of ancient cultural heritage that offers Caucasus mountain range, Black Sea coastline, curative climate, national parks and UNESCO Heritage Sites.

University of Georgia is distinguished by its disciplined educational process and modern infrastructure, enabling its students to acquire quality education and practical skills. For this reason, the University is in leading ranks of regional educational institutions and is well-known to be dedicated to the professional and personal growth of every student. Thus the graduates of the University of Georgia always benefit from superior employment prospects.

Offering thought-provoking and diverse set of disciplines, UOG is the place where knowledge is created and acquired. The academic personnel of the University is staffed with highly qualified, well-experienced and creative professionals dedicated to teaching creatively and with enthusiasm, helping raise young professionals with a demonstrated commitment to the public.

The objective of the University of Georgia, being one of the leading universities, is to encourage the personal development of each student and mold him/her as a highly qualified professional. UOG is always the right choice for those that seek to achieve great success in life, and their graduates are usually in high demand in the labor market.



* Business Administration

* International Relations

* Computer Engineering

* Electrical Engineering

* Civil Engineering

* Information Technology

* Dentistry

* Pharmacy

* Nursing


* Medicine


* Masters in Business Administration (MBA

* Masters in International Business Law

Tuition and Fees for 2016-2017 Academic Year

* English Program of Business Administration (BBA) (Undergraduate) – 4000 USD

* English Master’s Program of Business Administration (MBA) (Graduate) – 4000 USD

* English Bachelor Program of Engineering (Computer Science, IT) (Undergraduate) – 4000 USD

* Nursing for International Students (Undergraduate) – 3500 USD

* English Program of Pharmacy (Undergraduate) – 4000 USD

* Dental Program in English (Single-Cycle) – 4800 USD

* English Philology (Undergraduate) – 3000 USD

* English Program of Medical Education – 5500 USD

* International Business Law (LL.M) – 4000 USD


-Admission process (500$)

-Airport pick up

-Accommodation (optional) (2400$ to 3000$ for a year)

-Resident permit application process (after entering Georgia)

-1000$ refund from university fees (after collection of Georgian Visa and entry into Georgia) for people going to Ethiopia for Georgian Visa from Nigeria

-Ethiopia visa process and document legalization (70k naira).


▪             No TOEFL required

▪              No prior first degree needed to study any science related courses.

▪              Affordable Tuition fee (University of Georgia offers affordable tuition ranging from $3000 -$5500 per year. While offering the same quality of education one would receive in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom).

▪              Tuition fees denominated against the United States Dollar.

▪              Quality Education Comparable to USA. UK, Canada & the rest of Europe.

▪              Cost of living lower than other parts of Europe as low as $300 monthly – covering rent, utility & Feeding

▪              Residence Permit- with an opportunity to work in Georgia.

▪              Exchange programs in other European cities, USA or Canada

▪              Georgia is one of the 5 safest countries in Europe.


Why study in GEORGIA?

If you’re interested in discovering somewhere new, in telling tales the folks back home haven’t heard one hundred times before, in the road less traveled and roads yet to be traveled at all… go to Tbilisi. Go to Georgia. If the uniqueness and bounds outside the normal range for 20 something’s isn’t enough to convince you on its own, here are the top reasons you should study abroad in the Republic of Georgia.


Best Tourist Attractions in Georgia

There is always something mysterious, adventurous, and fascinating about visiting a lesser-known tourist destination! Set out on an offbeat path and visit Georgia, a magical country nestled between the magnificent Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. Packed with charming towns, mouth-watering cuisine, world-famous wine, extraordinary historical landmarks, beautiful churches and monasteries, there are endless things to do in Georgia, Europe.

While in Georgia, you can also savour its unique TOURIST ATTRACTIONS.